Ben Headshot.jpg

Ben graduated from Xavier College in 2020, during a year of turbulence with the majority of the year being performed in online schooling. Ben’s English result earned him an Academic Excellence prize, while his Literature, Politics, Legal Studies and Biology scores rounded out a very pleasing ATAR result.


Ben is an experienced mentor, specialising in English, Literature, Politics, and Biology. Having volunteered at Friday Night School in Melbourne, a tutoring centre for underprivileged children, he learnt many valuable lessons about tutoring in a variety of environments.


Ben has a passion for all humanities and is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Melbourne with the aim of transitioning into a Juris Doctor degree post-graduate.


Outside of his studies, Ben loves playing in his band with his mates, his passion for surfing sees him make trips to the coast whenever possible and road trips around Australia are a priority each holiday.