casey maloney-pinto

Casey has lived much of her life as an expat, most recently in Dubai where she undertook her British A-levels (Year 13, 2020) where she was award top results. She studied English Literature, Biology and Chemistry. She completed also a bridging mathematics course through QUT, receiving a High Distinction in Maths Methods. 


Casey has chosen Biomedical Science at University of Queensland as her pathway to Medicine while also volunteering as a UQ research assistant as part of the Critical Care Research Group (CCRG) based at the Prince Charles Hospital, Brisbane.


In her spare time, she loves to embrace her passion for classical singing, dance and performing arts. While living overseas, she had the opportunity to study in a multicultural society, travel extensively and develop a solid understanding of different cultures. She strongly believes in the benefit of all students developing a global mindset and she thrives on helping young students to define the blockages that hold them back from their goals and find inventive solutions to work around them!


Casey’s speciality subjects include Maths, Chemistry, Biology and English/ English Literature.