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Packages & Pricing

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Platinum Package



9 x 90 minute online sessions

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Gold Package



7 x 90 minute online sessions

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Silver Package



5 x 90 minute online sessions

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ATAR Package



9 x 90 minute online sessions

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ATAR Deep Dive

Sessions $110 to $125* per session


1 hour online sessions

Suitable to top up your ATAR program or purchase the pack on its own.

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Primary Package



6 x 1 hour online sessions

Suitable for any students preparing for the transition to senior school.

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*All package pricing includes GST

Included in all Packages

One on one online mentoring session with a dedicated Academic Mentor.

Personalised study plan based on the student's goals and assessment schedule, including exam preparation and support.  

Weekly email from your Academic Mentor focussing on work completed and the week ahead.

Weekly insight video from Our Founder, Julie Quinn.

Get in touch to discuss how a Creating Students Program can help prepare your child for success.


ATAR Program

With the introduction of the national ATAR system in 2020, Julie Quinn has given consideration as to how best support senior students throughout their final two years at school. Her first-hand experience and knowledge from a long and rewarding career in the education sector allowed for the development of the Creating Students Program. 

Our Creating Students ATAR Program provides each student with an Academic Mentor to develop both a study plan and revision program which covers the required subject content.  We support the student to efficiently and effectively manage their time leading into the external exam period. 


Additionally, the Academic Mentor has a range of tools and strategies to share and to work with the Student on including mock exams, speed tests, tutoring, problem-solving, exam preparation and performance. The program addresses also key points in maximising outcomes in the exam setting. 


Primary School Program

If preparation is key, then preparing for the transition from Primary School to High School needs to have a plan.  Under our Creating Students Primary Package students will have a dedicated Academic Mentor to walk beside them and introduce them to effective and efficient study habits in preparation for entering Grade 7.  

These principles lay the foundations for the student to build upon during their high school years.


Our Creating Students Primary Program is suited to all Primary School aged students from grades 4 to 6. Our aim is to have Students build organisational skills, feel comfortable and confident in their understanding of the curriculum, and to be prepared and excited about their secondary school learning experience. 

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Testimonials & Feedback

"I have seen a great improvement in my son's results since he has been in the Creating Students Program.


He is definitely more committed to his study since he has started and that has translated into his great results."

"I've noticed her confidence has improved significantly since being in the Creating Students Program.

It's a matter of being organised and knowing how to study and sticking to her plan."

"I think there's a big difference between tutoring and Academic Mentoring.


We were looking for that mentor role and someone to guide him and give him the skills and tools he needed to learn better.


Tutoring is really only about extra help with subjects but Academic Mentoring is looking at the bigger picture."

"Having someone who he is accountable to week-to-week has really helped him study more continuously through the term rather than just cramming before an exam."

"It's great to have somebody objective helping you achieve what you want to achieve. We have found that Academic Mentoring has provided that objective advice to our daughter and we can support that.


It has improved our relationship in a big way."

"Something that I didn't expect to happen so quickly but did was the connection my daughter had with her Mentor. 

They get on really well and my daughter really looks up to her, which makes a world of difference when you are giving advice and guidance."

Frequently Asked Questions

- Do the sessions have to be online?

Yes, all of our programs are designed to be delivered online. It is our preference to record our sessions for quality assurance, enabling us to critique, review and improve our service. However, we seek consent to do this and do not record without parent / guardian permission.

- When is the best time to start a program?

Whilst it is always best to start a new term with a plan, our Creating Students Silver Program is available if you decide you need our support mid-term. It's always better late than never!

- Can I transfer any sessions I don't use to another week or term?

Our term outlines mean that all sessions are contained to a school term. Our flexible packages mean we never sell you more than you need

- How do you select a mentor for my child?

After learning more about your child and their subjects and interests, we hand pick our most suitable Academic Mentor to support them in their learning journey.

- Do you offer packages for students outside of Queensland?

Absolutely! Our online programs mean we can, and do, have students and Academic Mentors from all over Australia and the Pacific.

- Can I pick which day my child has their session?

Yes. Once we have allocated your child with an Academic Mentor, they will have availability across at least three days of the week, and time are negotiated to suit both parties.

- Can I purchase additional sessions?

Yes. You can always upgrade to another package if you need more support across the term. In addition to their weekly Creating Students Program, students are also able to purchase ‘Deep Dives’ in subject specific tuition as required.

- What is your cancellation policy?

We offer several packages to suit your needs. Once your term with us has finished, you are under no obligation to re-enrol for future terms.

- Do you offer ATAR exam support?

Yes. Our Academic Mentors are able to engage with their students on subject specific assessment and exam preparation. We also offer exam workshop packages in the months leading into the external exams to give our CS Students the edge when preparing for this assessment period.

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How Does Academic Mentoring Work?

Our Creating Students Programs are tailored to the individual needs of our students, and gives them the tools to enable them to be life-long learners.


We take a holistic approach that recognises each students motivation and well-being as we journey with them, helping them stay on track and assisting them to achieve results.


We aim to build a skill set they can take with them for the rest of their life.