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Academic Mentoring

Supporting our students on their academic journey.


Academic Mentoring vs Tutoring

People often ask, ‘why mentoring and not just tuition?’. The answer is simple. Tuition can be a quick fix or band aid solution, but our Creating Students Program leaves our students with the skills and techniques to enable them to be better learners in the long term. We aren’t just interested in one exam result, but rather on the journey to empowering our students to be the best they can be and achieve their goals.

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How Does Academic Mentoring Work?

Our Creating Students Programs are tailored to the individual needs of our students, and gives them the tools to enable them to be life-long learners.


We take a holistic approach that recognises each student's motivation and well-being as we journey with them, helping them stay on track and assisting them to achieve results.


We aim to build a skill set they can take with them for the rest of their life.

Who are Our Academic Mentors

Our Academic Mentor is much more than an online tutor. Our Mentors have achieved high results and academic success themselves, and bring with them a wealth of knowledge around both their core subjects, and how to achieve goals through the use of our Creating Students Program. 

What Our Academic Mentor Programs Offer Students


Our Academic Mentors support their students through their journey and offer each student a degree of confidence that there is an extra level of care, someone who can help support them to feel capable, equipped and confident.


The demands on students today are immense. Life is busy – and the time management, organisational skills and study strategies used by our  Academic Mentors makes each student accountable for their progress. Planning is key! And if we fail to plan, we plan to fail. 


Our Academic Mentors have relevant and up-to-date knowledge of subject curriculum and the current assessment criteria. Recently graduated and following their own tertiary academic path, our Academic Mentors can guide students with real-world knowledge and experience. 

Packages & Pricing

Our package tiers are term based and tailored to meet the specific needs of the student and their goals.  


Embedding the Science of Learning into our Students.

Being a good student and inherent intelligence are not necessarily the same thing; everyone can learn the skills needed to become a better student.


At Creating Students, our vision is to embed those foundational skills into our learners, to make each of them the best student they can be for today and for their future.

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Our Founders

Julie Quinn
BSc. DipEd. MEd(LShip). FACEL

Julie Quinn’s passion is in seeing young Australians develop themselves to be capable, equipped and confident learners and ultimately contributors to our society.


She has spent her entire career mentoring and guiding students to excel at their studies; to be the very best that they possibly can be, so that they are provided with as many life options as possible. Julie believes that the skills developed by students whilst at school lay the foundations by which they can achieve success in later life, whatever that path may be.

Rob Quinn
MSc (Management), University of London; B.Com, University of Qld; GAICD

Rob is driven by supporting business and community leaders to be the best they possibly can be. He recognises that the skills that have advanced ones business career are not always the skills required to continue its trajectory and that throughout life, new learnings and skills must be developed.

The skills of leadership are not necessarily innate; they can be taught, understood and embedded, as can the skills of great scholarship. Rob has joined his sister-in-law, Julie Quinn, in founding Creating Students.

Tricia Schmidt
Senior Partner - Murphy Schmidt Solicitors

Julie uses methods and approaches that instil in each student a powerful belief that they are capable of doing what is needed to be successful. Every approach was entirely individualised, using bespoke strategies, to bring out the very best in each of our three sons. The journey is not confronting, is easily understood, practical  and unique to each student to equip them with the necessary skills to succeed.