Who are we

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”   Matthew 4:19 


“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”  Benjamin Franklin


The science of learning and inherent intelligence are not the same thing; everyone can learn the skills needed to become a better student. At Creating Students, our vision is to embed those skills into our learners, to make each of them the very best student they can be for today, and for the future.


The demands on our students today are immense – if the new ATAR system was not enough change to place on our students and educators, the changing world, particularly from the viewpoint of our students, certainly is.   

The stakes are certainly increasing, and students need quality support to guide them through the uncertain journey in front of them.

Introducing Creating Students, a business developed by Julie Quinn based on her highly successful and universally regarded pedagogy which has developed thousands of students to reach academic success in her previous role as Dean of Studies at St Joseph’s College, Gregory Terrace, Brisbane (‘Terrace’).


Julie has been an educator for over 40 years, the last 24 years of which were spent at Terrace, leading the academic performance of that school, which has consistently ranked in the State's highest performers for the last decade. Completing her role at Terrace in 2018, Julie has now captured her teaching methodologies, processes and habits into a streamlined learning system, which she now wishes to share with as many students as possible.  Our Academic Mentors are all in themselves successful academic students, many current and qualified University students. Our Academic Mentors work individually with school students to help them develop and embed the mindset and skills needed to become a successful student and learner. 


From the initial planning and approach through to the specific tools and accountabilities, the Creating Students journey is one of attention to detail and commitment to a successful process. This learning method encapsulates Julie Quinn's vast experience of educating and delivers efficiency and effectiveness in study habits. This method directly increases student productivity whilst at the same time reducing stress and pressure as the individual student becomes more confident in themselves and their preparations.

Our Academic Mentors are not only gifted students, having achieved Outstanding Academic results in recent years – but each has satisfied the strict Creating Students criteria of being patient, good communicators, empathetic to the demands and needs of young students.    Our Mentors are perfectly placed to impart this framework of thinking and preparation to the next generation of successful students under Julie’s academic management and pedagogical framework.

Once our students have begun developing the consistent habits of good scholarship, subject specific support in the form of Tutoring and Assignment support is available from our wide range of skillful Academic Mentors. 

the student jOURNEY

The journey with Creating Students is an evolving one for our students.  Every student, and, importantly parents as well (highly encouraged), participate in the Formation Elements of Julie Quinn’s program.  This encompasses the first 4 sessions of all Mentor Packages, and it is during these sessions that the fundamentals of quality learning are discussed and understood. These sessions cover the key framework points and tools, together with the disciplines and approaches that are required to be successful, resulting in a ‘contract’ between the student and their Academic Mentor. This contract establishes a clear understanding with the student of the steps they are committing to put in place to lay a foundation of good study processes and habits. 


Each Mentor Package enables the content to be structured so as to be unique to the individual students, to their subject selection and their strengths and weaknesses, to their extracurricular and social activities, to their home environment and their school experience including their teacher and other mentor relationships.  


After the Formation Elements of the program, students journey with their Academic Mentor into Review and Implementation Sessions. These sessions are used to reinforce the behaviours they have committed to and allows time to understand and develop strategies to remove potential roadblocks. Progress is reviewed and time is allocated to assess the individual’s accountability, focus and commitment to improve themselves throughout our process.


Some students may only need a small number of sessions through the course of a school term as a check in and refresh; many, however, benefit from a more constant hands on approach and as such there are a range of Mentor Packages to select from.

Each student will be matched to their Academic Mentor, who themselves have been successful in the subjects that the student is studying; bringing hands on experience in not only the content but the approach needed to be successful in that specific discipline.  The Review and Implementation Sessions develop over time to allow for more content focus, centred on specific subjects but always enveloped in the Creating Students methodology of efficient and effective study habits.



Julie Quinn - BSc. DipEd. MEd(LShip). FACEL

Julie Quinn’s passion is in seeing young Australians develop themselves to be capable, equipped and confident learners and ultimately contributors to our society.


She has spent her entire career mentoring and guiding students to excel at their studies; to be the very best that they possibly can be, so that they are provided with as many life options as possible. Julie believes that the skills developed by students whilst at school lay the foundations by which they can achieve success in later life, whatever that path may be.   


Julie is most well known for her highly successful and recognised role as Dean of Studies at St Joseph’s College, Gregory Terrace, Brisbane. Over her 23 years there, she developed and refined a teaching and learning methodology that became legendary both within and outside of the school.  Countless students and parents have experienced and benefited from this methodology and Creating Students is the opportunity for the next generation of learners to similarly experience and benefit from her unique and effective approach. Julie has spent over 40 years developing her learning and teaching framework, and Creating Students is the platform that enables her to reach out and influence the lives of so many more students than she could in just one school. In the words of Nelson Mandela, “education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.

Julie's CV can be viewed here.

Robert Quinn - MSc (Management), University of London; B.Com, University of Qld; GAICD


Following a successful career in Investment and Commercial Banking, Rob founded Creating Leaders in 2004, which designs, delivers and facilitates leadership programs that embed behavioural change in senior executives and leaders in businesses across Australia.


Rob is driven by supporting business and community leaders to be the best they possibly can be. He recognises that the skills that have advanced ones business career are not always the skills required to continue its trajectory and that throughout life, new learnings and skills must be developed.   The skills of leadership are not necessarily innate; they can be taught, understood and embedded, as can the skills of great scholarship. Rob has joined his sister-in-law, Julie Quinn, in founding Creating Students.


Rob's CV can be found here