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Creating a Better Class of Learning.

Our online Academic Mentor Programs empower our students to be their best. 

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What is Academic Mentoring?

An online Academic Mentor is much more than an online tutor. Our Mentors have achieved high results and success in their focus subjects, and they work closely with our students throughout their program and develop a study plan unique to them, to their subject selection, their goals and their strengths and weaknesses.  

Together, our Academic Mentors and students set goals and develop strategies to achieve results. Having an Academic Mentor provides support and guidance to our students above and beyond subject content – our Creating Students Program is embedding the science of learning into their every day routine.


Our Academic Mentors create a sense of accountability to the student, enabling them to plan to succeed.  

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Our Programs, Designed for Student Success

Our Founder, Julie Quinn has captured her teaching methodologies, processes and habits into a streamlined learning system, which she now shares with as many students as possible through our trained and qualified Academic Mentors. Our programs are term based and tailored to meet the specific needs of the student and their goals.

Each online session follows a clear template developed by Julie for the Academic Mentor and a Student to journey, capturing key actions and commitments to accelerate their performance week to week. 

We also offer specialty programs for students undertaking the ATAR system as well as a Primary School Program for those students transitioning into high school. 

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Step 1: Understanding the Student


Firstly, every student is different. 


In order to support them, we need to understand them. Through information sharing we learn about their subjects, areas of focus, their goals, and their interests.

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Step 2: Mentor Pairing


Finding an Academic Mentor who not only specialises in the subjects required, but also has the ability to build a rapport with their student is paramount to the success of our Creating Students Program.


We consider these factors when personally aligning students with their Academic Mentor. 

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Step 3: Weekly Online Sessions


Each week the Academic Mentor and student engage online for a session where they spend time both developing positive learning habits, as well as working on subject specific tasks.


Our Creating Students trained Academic Mentors bring with them hands on experience not only in content, but the approach needed to be successful. 

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Why Choose an Academic Mentor Instead of Extra Tuition?

People often ask, ‘why mentoring and not just tuition?’. The answer is simple. Tuition can be a quick fix or band aid solution, but our Creating Students Program leaves our students with the skills and techniques to enable them to be better learners in the long term.


We aren’t just interested in one exam result, but rather on the journey to empowering our students to be the best they can be and achieve their best.   

Packages & Pricing

Our package tiers are term based and tailored to meet the specific needs of the student and their goals.  

Tricia Schmidt
Senior Partner - Murphy Schmidt Solicitors

Julie uses methods and approaches that instil in each student a powerful belief that they are capable of doing what is needed to be successful. Every approach was entirely individualised, using bespoke strategies, to bring out the very best in each of our three sons. The journey is not confronting, is easily understood, practical  and unique to each student to equip them with the necessary skills to succeed.